"School of the Young Naturalist" it gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about our smaller brothers, to feel like a real cynologist, make friends with the Yakut laika and get rid of fear. And also you have the opportunity to ride on a real dog sled along the snowy road, accompanied by an experienced musher.


From 7 years old, organized groups (classes, groups), up to 6 children, accompanying 1 adult, adults and children, without medical contraindications.


From November to the end of March

Duration of the tour route:

From 11 to 17 hours

Safety on the tour route:

Mandatory briefing, safety precautions will be sent to adults for familiarization, study with children and signing, the original must be presented to the administrator before the tour begins. Accompanying experienced instructors - instructors, canine.

Clothing / equipment required to complete this route:

You should have appropriate warm clothing, spare gloves, socks, a scarf and a hat.


Arrival at the Chochur Muran ecological-ethnographic complex (independently at 11:00)

Meet for tea

Practical exercises with animals at 12:00 (feeding, caring for dogs, horses, deer, lessons on handling elements)

Lunch at 14:00 (first, second, salad, compote)

At 15:00 - walking, dog training, riding dogs

At 16:30 - afternoon tea (hot tea with pastries)

Departure home (alone) at 17:00

Tour cost:

1200 rubles from 1 (one) person

Забронировать можно прямо сейчас

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