The School of Kayur gives everyone the opportunity to feel like a real horse dancer, to learn all the skills of riding a dog sled, to go through various routes that pass through forests, fields and rivers of Yakutia. And feel part of our vast nature.

We will be happy to consider any suggestions for individual programs.

The route plan and programs by day, indicating the duration of travel and accommodation options

Day 1. Introductory course
Fast and comfortable transfer to the base "Chochur Muran", located behind Yakutsk.
After breakfast, you will be welcomed by the Algys. Spends it - Algyschyt - the charmer
Good strength, which asks the spirits of fire for blessing, happiness and good luck in business. Sanctification
amulets with the Yakut husky, feeding the spirits of fire.
Theoretical introductory course: familiarity with the standard, the history of the origin of the Yakutian laika;
features of feeding dogs in the route, the device dog equipment.
Practical introductory course: in the afternoon we will go to get acquainted with our four-legged
friends. On this day we will begin training on riding skills, giving commands to dogs
voice, the correct statement of dogs in harness, self-driving on a small lake.

Day 2. Lake Ytyk Kyuul and the Kingdom of Permafrost
On this day we self-harness dogs, go on the route to the Shaman-tree. Learning
independently put dogs on stretch marks, we feed them ourselves. Remember our dogs by name and
we learn to distinguish them, because each of you will have their own team.
Departure to the lake Ytyk Kyuyol. The length of the route is 17 km. Departure by dogs across the lake
Ytyk-Kyuyol on the hills to the Shaman-tree. Yakut rite - offering gifts to the Shaman tree.
When it gets dark, at the end of the day another interesting thing awaits us on the way back home - we
visit the kingdom of permafrost. Greeting Chyskhaan (Keeper of the cold).

Day 3. Yakutsk
After breakfast you will go to Yakutsk. Visit: Treasury (museum exhibition,
dedicated to the Yakut wealth - gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, precious
stones). Gold sand and nuggets, faceted diamonds, jewelery made the most
different masters. Then you will be taken to the Museum of Yakutsk, whose exposure
tell about the flora and fauna of the region, about its history, ethnography and culture of all nations,
living here - Yakuts, Evens, Evenks, Yukagirs.
Optionally, an excursion to the Mammoth Museum can be offered. By the way, the famous mammoth
Dima was found precisely in Yakutia.

Day 4. On the cordon to the forester
Today you will find a trial independent route to the forester cordon. Route length
24 km. At will it will be possible to transfer to the sled attached to the snowmobile.
Dinner in the forester's hut, overnight on reindeer skins in sleeping bags.

Day 5. Return journey
After breakfast, drive dog sleds back to the ethnographic complex “Chochur
Muran". The length of the route is 50 km.

Day 6. The road to the village Sottintsy
After breakfast, collect the necessary things for 2 days. You are waiting for quite a serious journey.
in the village Sottintsy, which houses the Ethnographic Museum of Friendship.
The path runs along the numerous channels of the Lena River. On the first day of travel, we must
we will pass 70 km. On the way we are accompanied by a snowmobile support. At will it will be possible
transfer to the sled attached to the snowmobile.
For the night you will stay in the Yakut booth, you will sleep on wooden planks in sleeping bags.

Day 7. Return, summing up
Excursion to the Museum of Friendship, riding on a roller coaster. Check out dog sleds back. Farewell
dinner dedicated to the end of the school in the restaurant "Chochur Muran." Presentation of certificates.

Day 8. The way home
Transfer to the airport Yakutsk.

We will be happy to consider any suggestions for individual programs.

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